10cc: The Worst Band In The World

Liam Newton
10cc: The Worst Band In The World

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“I read the whole book and it’s damn good. Very thoroughly researched and quite a story, with lots of stuff in there I didn’t actually know!”
Kevin Godley

This, the definitive authorised biography of 10cc, includes interviews with founding members Godley, Gouldman and Stewart, plus Rick Fenn, Paul Burgess, Harvey Lisberg, Jonathan King, Zeb White, Aubrey Powell and many, many more.

It is the fullest telling of the fascinating 10cc (and Strawberry Studios) story that there is. Includes rare and previously unseen photos, plus chronology, discography and gigography (with set lists).

“It’s only after reading this book that I realised how influential 10cc were”.
Graham Gouldman

About the author

Liam Newton, a man who's Not In Love with 10cc, it's just a phase he's been going through for over forty years.

Hardback ISBN
528 pages