Vintage Black Glamour (Hardcover Edition)

Nichelle Gainer
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The first special edition of Vintage Black Glamour has sold out, but this new edition will have exactly the same content and will be ready to ship during Black History Month 2015. Order now and see for yourself why made it one of their top ten books to buy & keep in 2014. 
Using rarely accessed photographic archives and private collections, Nichelle has unearthed a revealing treasure trove of memorable and iconic images. The book presents historic photographs of famous actors, dancers, writers and entertainers who worked in the 20th-century entertainment business, but who rarely appeared in the same publications as their white counterparts. With its stunning photographs and insightful biographies, this book is a hugely important addition to Black history archives.

Alongside profiles and photographs of world-renowned Black stars such as Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge and Diana Ross are biographies and images of less-known but hugely influential artists including the author’s aunt, opera singer Margaret Tynes, Cotton Club star Margot Webb, pioneering model Ophelia De Vore and many, many more. Their stories – usually ignored in mainstream histories of their profession – are revealed in this groundbreaking book.

About the author

Nichelle Gainer was born and raised in New Jersey and lives in New York. She used to blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle at 55 Secret Street and may get back to that soon – but she is definitely back at work writing fiction and scripts for film and television.

In her former life, Nichelle was an Assistant Editor at GQ magazine and wrote for magazines and websites including InStyle, Essence and Glamour. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC News, NPR’, The Guardian and O, The Oprah Magazine.

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Press reviews

“Eartha Kitt graces the cover of Vintage Black Glamour, garbed in a shimmering, skintight sleeveless gown, her back to the camera and her hands on her hips as she looks over her right shoulder, directly into the lens. The image is bold and confident, iconic and inviting. Do yourself a favor: Consider yourself honored and accept the invitation.”

Richard Torres, NPR

Vintage Black Glamour, a hefty, handsome new coffee-table book, is full of such stories, with photographs of those shunned by the spotlight, as well as idiosyncratic, unseen shots of those who weren’t.”

Alex Godfrey, The Observer

Vintage Black Glamour assures a spot in history for early black celebrity.”

Soraya Nadia McDonald, Washington Post

“Pretty darn fabulous … a must-have.”

Huffington Post

“Once upon a time when we were fabulous; gorgeous Ebony images!”


Reviews from the previous edition


This is a beautiful book. It's beautifully packaged. The photos are gorgeous! And it is such a wonderful sample of history.

Vintage Black Glamour

This book was a gift for my mother's 75th birthday. It truly reflected the eras that inspired her own sense of style. She loves, loves, LOVES the book - as do I, and called for the next several days as she explored the luxurious pages to reiterate this fact. It is gorgeous! And I thank you for reminding us what true glamour is.

Very well done!

This is a great piece of high quality, historical photography and information on some of the greatest Black women artist who've had a strong national and international impact! I flipped through everyone single page and read some of the bios as soon as I received it. I look forward to digging into it much deeper and learning even more about these extraordinary women.

A must have!

I have read and reviewed so many books in the course of my work and studies but this book ranks among the HIGHEST with regard to excellent taste! The pictures are beautiful, the cover is eloquent, and the context is a harmony of history, admiration for the past, and inspiration to future generations!

Maryland, U.S.A.


The book is so well done. It is informative and filled with beautiful pictures. It is a must have!!

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