British Underground Press (Classic Edition)

James Birch and Barry Miles
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In 1966 Barry Miles and John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins decided to start a newspaper. They called it International Times and launched it in April. It was the first British underground newspaper, and began a news media revolution.

This catalogue of the exhibition of the same name, displays the covers of every British underground paper that launched in the 1960s: International Times, Oz, Friends/Frendz, Gandalf’s Garden, Black Dwarf and Ink. It also includes cOZmic Comics and Nasty Tales the comic books that grew out of the papers, and various examples of the graphics, ads, posters and flyers produced by each publication.

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224 pages

Press reviews

“Honouring the legacy of the magazines that formed a key part of 1960s counter-culture…”


“Steps back into a lost world – a time when a generation was truly in motion…”


“Here is changing Britain in a kaleidoscope of images, some of them pleasure-seeking, others bristling with revolutionary intent…”

Financial Times

“As the exhibition proves, without the underground press there may well have been no British counterculture…”

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