DEVO: The Brand / DEVO: Unmasked (Paperback)

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The Truth is back in Print! 

This paperback edition of the sumptuously illustrated two-in-one book tells the remarkable story of Devo’s astounding career. DEVOThe Brand is illustrated throughout with classic Devo iconography and music press interviews with major British and US publications; when finished flip it over and read DEVO: Unmasked, which is packed with rare and unseen photos of the band as children, Mark and Jerry at Kent State University, and every stage of Devo's career from the early 1970s to the present day.

Commentary on the photos and Devo history is provided by Jerry and Mark in first-person testimony throughout both DEVO: The Brand and DEVO: Unmasked.

This large format 316-page book presents Devo as you know and love them, and as you've never seen them before. Devo: The Brand / Devo: Unmasked is an original Devo product, and the only book that is never-ending.

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316 pages

Press reviews

“Devo: The Brand offers the visual history of a band so intrinsically tied to its aesthetic, it doubled as a philosophy. An exhaustive archive, the book collects glossy prints of rare photos, old fliers, news clippings, record artwork, and various odds and ends. Turn the book over and there’s Devo: Unmasked, a more conventional origin story featuring old photos and early art projects from the Casale and Mothersbaugh brothers. With its rubber covers and mountain of artwork and hilarious stories about pissing off record company employees, this two-sided book is crucial for Devo diehards.”


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