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Fretted and Moaning (Signature Edition)

Fretted and Moaning (Signature Edition)


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Andy Summers

Musician, composer, photographer, guitarist and… author. Andy Summers has written short stories ever since he became a member of The Police, and they are as smart, witty and unexpected as his music and photography. Now for the first time 45 are collected together in this limited edition hardback book. The book is signed by Andy, comes with a stamped photographic print by Andy and is presented in a buckram bound box.

Andy’s stories in Fretted & Moaning reveal a cast of characters drawn from the world of music, chief among them guitarists. Every tale has at its heart music or a guitar and a person whose ambition, hopes, dreams, loves, hates, failures and successes are revealed in uncanny, funny, and never expected ways.

About the author

Andy Summers is a guitarist, composer, photographer, and author. He began writing the stories in this book when he was in a pop group called The Police and hasn’t stopped writing yet.


288 pages
Trim page size (H × W)
240 mm × 162 mm

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