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Life of Michael (Ebook)

Life of Michael (Ebook)

The Biography of Michael Palin

Jeremy Novick

Michael Palin was a founding member of the much-revered Monty Python’s Flying Circus in 1969 and helped changed the face of British comedy. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and his career encompasses an award-winning series of children’s books, hugely successful feature films and, of course, his travelogues which attracted unprecedented TV audiences and gave rise to a number of bestselling books.

This biography was the first to be written with full access to Michael Palin, and it offers a unique celebration of the life of this gifted and much-loved icon, revealing the influences which have shaped his extraordinary career, and includes his thoughts on everything from Python to the Sahara, and all points in between.

Press reviews

A celebration of Michael Palin’s life, it very effectively conjures up the personality and dry wit of this much-loved figure, along with his apparent artlessness that conceals a hard professionalism

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