Pink Flag

Ben Wardle
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This is not a book about Wire’s seminal album, it is a novel inspired by it.

A child is abducted in a supermarket, male and female professional killers ride trains together, three girls rhumba through time, an ex-lion tamer leaves an indelible mark on a lonely woman…

Pink Flag mixes literary forms in a temporally fluid narrative, introducing voices and characters in a range of differing perspectives in stories of trauma, love, celebration and decimation. The 21 chapters named after the tracks on the album might seem to be separate stories, but each is subtly linked and builds toward an explosive and revealing finale.

About the author

Ben Wardle worked in the music business for two decades before becoming an online journalist, radio presenter and teacher. He is the co-author of The Art of The LP (Sterling) and contributed to a well-known dictionary of quotations where, during one slowish day, he made up a quotation from Ernest Hemingway. When it made it into the dictionary he realised that fiction was the way forward. This is his first novel.

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200 pages