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Vintage Black Glamour Timeless Planner

Vintage Black Glamour Timeless Planner

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Nichelle Gainer

The inimitable style of Vintage Black Glamour is now yours to plan with, in this week-to-view Timeless Planner.

Featuring classic photographs of glamorous Black artists celebrated in the month of their birth, this keepsake planner includes a silk place-holder ribbon and ample space for your creative ideas, current and future goals, books to read, all kinds of lists, accomplishments and thoughts. And because it’s not year specific you can use whenever you feel inspired.

This unique timeless planner is designed and annotated by Nichelle Gainer, the creator of the Vintage Black Glamour series, and is available now, and forever.

About the author

Nichelle Gainer has written for many major magazines including The New York Times and InStyle. Born and raised in New Jersey, Nichelle lives in New York City, where she is finally writing the novel that inspired Vintage Black Glamour in the first place.

Image of Nichelle Gainer, author of Vintage Black Glamour Timeless Planner
Nichelle Gainer


160 pages
Trim page size (H × W)
210 mm × 148 mm

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